Monday, 21 March 2011

Final statement by the Journal of Cosmology: Waaaaaaaah!!! Also, buy our book

Alas, all things must come to end. It is with great sadness that I must report that the special series of comically paranoid press releases from the Journal of Cosmology (JOC) have finished, forever. On the upside, they go out with a bang.
Final Statement by the Journal of Cosmology on the Hoover Microfossil-Meteorite Discovery 
All Roads Lead to the Obama White House
This latest statement is almost all in bold, so you can tell that, this time, they are serious. Read it (scroll down, down, down - the website still sucks). It goes on a bit, as usual, but in summary, the President of the United States of America is behind the plot to destroy the reputation of everyone involved in the Richard Hoover paper. Oh, yes!
On Friday, March 18, 2011, Dr. Rudolf Schild, Editor-in-Chief of JOC spoke at length with Richard Hoover and learned that the White House, i.e. the offices of President Obama, became a party to this issue almost immediately after the story broke. The exact nature of this involvement is unknown to us.
A lot of the rest of the statement is a classic straw man argument. They make great pains to point out that "Hoover's data is accurate", and nobody has proven that the data isn't accurate, and therefore they "...believe the data is real. The implications profound" (grammar still isn't their forte). The thing is, none of the commentaries I saw claimed that the data was faked. They complain about the interpretation, not the data.

The editors of Science and Nature were, sadly, "uncooperative", following the JOCs generous offer to form a scientific commission to examine these claims.

Finally, though, I think we get to the point;  the point of this whole, embarrassing exercise.
The Hoover data, by itself, does not mean life on Earth came from other planets. It simply means we are not alone--and the implications are staggering. However, based on the evidence compiled in an inexpensive book, "The Discovery of Alien ExtraTerrestrial life" and which includes Hoover's discovery and landmark paper, and the discoveries of other independent scientists, the conclusions are threefold: 
We are not alone. Life is everywhere. Life on Earth, came from other planets.
That's right folks, for just $48 you can get the full story, all condensed into just 480 pages. I can see the reviews now. One of the coauthors just lost his job, so I expect he'll be hoping to sell a few copies.

"Lucid and poetic"

"Contains mostly sentences"

"Earth-shatteringly paradigm shifting"

"Caveat emptor"

I think I'll pass on this book, and instead save up for some hot pokers to jam into my eyeballs.

But, like I said at the top, the JOC have had enough:
It is the intention of JOC to say no more about the Hoover paper and to ignore all further inquiries;
But wait! What's this?
unless backed into a corner and forced to respond.
We can only hope.

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