Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Everyone's at it.

Hello and welcome to my new blog, The Crapologist. If you've made it this far then I've succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Well, it's a start.

So what is crapology. According to the Urban Dictionary it has two meanings.
1. An apology that is crap.
2. The study of feces to predict the future.
I like both of those - and am particularly intrigued by 2. - but I was thinking more along the lines of...
3. Talking crap as if it were science.
I also found this eloquent definition from The Blogtionary.
Any body of conjecture, surmise or hearsay that is dressed up in the garb of scientific knowledge in the hope of passing it off as fact.
So what I said but written by a lawyer.

Whether it's intentional, poor research or just plain ignorance, crapology is a genuine social problem. It's also really annoying.

And because there aren't nearly enough blogs out there (15+ million, apparently), I thought I'd dilute things just a little bit more with yet another one.


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