Thursday, 30 July 2009

Some ads suck, some don't

Recently, two somewhat similar TV advertisements have caught my attention. Both rely on foreign accents for their humour, yet I find one stupid and one charming.

The first ad is for Budget Direct insurance, where a young woman with an 'outrageous French accent' repeatedly asks an older, Aussie guy to "Googelay boojay direk" until the man puts her straight with "It's Google, love, Google Budget Direct". Patronising? Yes. Funny? No. The second is for Mainland Cheese, where the locals of a New Zealand town are preparing for the first annual Mainland cheese day, until they excitedly reveal the specially prepared banner which reads "Mainland Tuesday".

Both ads make fun of the characters accents, but in completely different ways. The first ad encourages us to laugh at the funny accent in a "aren't French people stupid that they can't even say Google properly" way, while the second uses a clever pun that just happens to only work with a New Zealand accent. No one is belittled by that, and most importantly, it's funny. The way the characters take the error is also incredibly endearing.
"Well, I guess we'll just have to celebrate every week."
Reminds me slightly of a Seinfeld episode where a non-Jew converts to Judaism for the jokes and Elaine asks Jerry if he is offended, as a Jew, and he replies "No, I'm offended as a comedian".

I don't know of Boojay is any good, but Mainland Cheddar is delicious.

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